Our Products

Our Services include

Wall Mounted Unit

These units take up no floor space as they deliver flexible and convenient cooling and heating solutions to almost any commercial or residential setting.


Central Ducted System

These units are mounted in the ceiling space and are unseen in the conditioned space. The only visible presence is the supply and return air grilles.

Multi-Split System

These models are designed to allow several indoor units (regardless of capacity or type) to be connected to a single outdoor unit. This allows you to select the model best suited to each and every room in your home.

Ceiling Suspended

These units are more suited to high stud large room areas. They tend to have high airflows and are more suited to commercial applications.


The new Lossnay technologyfrom Mitsubishi Electric is set to revolutionise standards in residential or commercial ventilation. Developed and refined over the past 30years, the LOSSNAY has perfected the recovery of waste energy. The units reduce overall energy costs by extracting stale air and then recovering the heating or cooling energy to either warm or cool incoming fresh air. By utilising this energy, the LOSSNAY an save upto 30% on initial capital costs of heating and cooling plant.

Stale air is extracted from inside your house to remove damp, odours, dust, bacteria and gases. This air is then replaced with allergen reduced fresh air from outside – unlike some systems that recycle it from the dust-filled attic. But where Lossnay gets really clever is with its environmentally friendly ‘Energy Recovery’ system. Put simply, the energy within the stale air can be recovered and used to pre-heat or pre-cool the fresh air being vented in. So it warms the fresh air in winter, and cools it in summer.

Ceiling Cassette

The ceiling mounted units take up no floor space. These units have four way air direction and have adjustable air flow patterns. These units are more suited to larger floor areas in residential spaces or offices.

Floor Console

The floor mounted are more designed for heating applications.They are ideal for space heater or gas fire/fireplace replacement.